Deposit is a saving which the withdrawal can be done after a specific period of time according to the agreement between bank and depositor

Deposit Offered:

  • 1-month-deposit
  • 3-month-deposit
  • 6-month-deposit
  • 12-month-deposit

General Requirements:

  • Time deposit is intended for personal depositors or corporations.
  • Legal stamp fee is paid by the depositors.
  • Deposit interest is paid monthly based on the date of deposit.
  • Deposit which is not withdrawn in the due date is automatically extended.
  • Letter of deposit cannot be used by other people.
  • Every changing must be informed to the officers.
  • Withdrawal before the due date will be sanctioned.
  • Bank BKK Purwodadi is not responsible if there is misapplication.
  • If Letter of deposit is missing, Depositors have to inform the officers of Bank BKK Purwodadi.
  • Letter of deposit can be used as a guaranty credit in Bank BKK Purwodadi.