TabunganKu is a saving for individuals with an easy requirement which is issued by the all banks in Indonesia to develop the culture of saving and to improve people's prosperity.

Terms and Conditions

  • Individual saving for Indonesian citizens.
  • One person has only one account in one bank for the same product, except for parents who open account for children who are under the guardianship according to the family card.
  • Not allowed for joint account with the status "and/or".
  • Cash withdrawal transactions and transfers through teller can only be done in Bank BKK Purwodadi where account is opened.
  • Account opening requirements refer to the Know Your Customer regulations.
  • The valid account opening form is from PD. BPR BKK Purwodadi
  • ID card is needed KTP / SIM / Passport (for passport aged 17 years and older).
  • Savers under guardianship must use name of parents.