TAMADES is saving deposit for public society, employees and students to provide the maximum benefits and to be involved in raffle prize from BKK drawn every year.

General Requirements

  • TAMADES is a saving which designated for individual/personal savers, business, foundations.
  • Each savers obtain passbook signed and stamp by the official of Bank BKK.

Deposit and Withdrawal

  • Minimum initial deposit is Rp.50.000,- for public or students.
  • Next deposit is minimum Rp.10,000,- can be conducted at all branches of Bank BKK during office hour.
  • Withdrawal can be done anytime during office hour.
  • Minimum balance is Rp.50.000,- unless the account is closed.

Interest Rate

  • TAMADES interest rate is determined by term and conditions applied in Bank BKK.
  • Interest is calculated based on the lowest balance every month.
  • Interest is calculated at the end of the current month.
  • Interest is credited at end of month in added to the balance in savings account.
  • If there is a change in terms of interest rates, Bank will add the rate immediately without notification to the depositors.

Raffle Number

  • Savings balance with certain multiples gets one raffle number which is stored in Bank and not published.
  • Raffle prizes for TAMADES saving will be held at least once every year.

Administration Fee

  • Closing Account would be charged closing fee with provisions applicable in Bank.
  • Replacement of lost or damaged passbook is charged Rp.5.000,-.

Other provisions

  • Withdrawal can only be done by account holder.
  • If the withdrawal is done by the another person it must be enclosed with legal-sealed letter of attorney (worth Rp. 6000,-) and a photocopied of the account holder's ID.
  • If the passbook is lost or damaged the account holder must enclose with the reference from the police office.