Company Overview

Sejarah Bank BKK

Before becoming RB (Rural Bank), PD. BPR BKK PURWODADI was a non-bank financial institution named District of Credit Agency (BKK), which was established in 1970 when the economic condition was at the lowest level and people were lack of fun. Meanwhile the financial institutions were generally located in towns far from the reach of most of the people living in rural areas.

In October 8, 1991, Credit District Agency of Purwodadi received the approval from the Minister of Finance number KEP-346/KM.13/1991 as a rural bank (BPR) for the purpose of bringing the loan closer to people in Grobogan and as a contributor to District Own Source Revenue PAD).

In running the business there were 18 PD. BPR BKK in Grobogan where each unit was separated from the others. This condition created competiotion among them in giving the best service to the customer. Considering the situation then all units merged themselves.

Sejarah Bank BKK

In October 21, 2005, in accordance with the decision of the Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia Number 7/7/KEP.Dp G/2005 on the approval of the merger as well as the decision of the Governor of Central Java license number 503/68/2005 of the merger agreement, as many as 18 PD. BPR BKK in Grobogan namely: PD. BPR BKK Toroh, PD. BPR BKK Geyer, PD. BPR BKK Wirosari, PD. BPR BKK Tawangharjo, PD.BPR BKK Ngaringan, PD. BPR BKK Kradenan, PD. BPR BKK Gabus, PD. BPR BKK Pulokulon, PD. BPR BKK Grobogan, PD. BPR BKK Klambu, PD. BPR BKK Brati, PD. BPR BKK Godong, PD. BPR BKK Penawangan, PD. BPR BKK Karangrayung, PD. BPR BKK Gubug, PD. BPR BKK Kedungjati and PD. BPR BKK Tegowanu merged into PD. BPR BKK Purwodadi.