Board of Supervisory

Chairman of the Supervisory Board : Ir. Ihwan Sudrajat, MM
Member of Supervisory Board : Susanto, SH

Board Of Directors

Managing Director : H. Koesnanto, SH, M.Kn
Director of Marketing : Aristian Hari Marjoko, SE
Director of General and Compliance : Harisanto, SE

Nine Points of Behavior Culture

1.Faith and God-fearing towards God
2.Serving customer with rapidly, accurately, safely, friendly and satisfy.
3.Giving the best contribution to Bank BKK.
4.Developing an entrepreneurial attitude, innovation, creation and proaction.
5.Improving quality of individual work and group work.
6.Improving openness, constructive thinking, extensive knowledge, togetherness, harmony and mutual respect.
7.Treating loyal customers as business partners.
8.Acting as a marketer for all products of Bank BKK.
9.Improving the image of Bank BKK through orderly attitude and behavior, neatness and punctuality.